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About us

The Kris srl company was born in Naples in 1996. It marks itself very soon for the distribution, in the traditional channel of consumer products with the biggest international brands: Duracell, Varta, Energizer, Henkel, Sony, TDK.

At the end of 90s, when companies are directed to large retailers, Kris decides to enter in the market with the purpose of meeting the needs of small and medium retailers. Hence it takes the decision to organize a small structure that can offer a wide choice of consumer products and small electronics.

The initial bet was soon won: after the regional succes, in the early years of 2000 the company enlarged the line of products that has marked the market join.

At the moment the work is build over all the european community, distributing the products to wholesalers, small and medium retailers. The handled goods have wide use and huge spread so the class of the working for customers is very large.

The 2010 year is very important for Kris srl who faces a new challenge: bring to a particular kind of customers, such as football team fans, a range of new and personalized toothbrushes, electric and manual, for adults and children .

To the early idea it follows a deep marketing research and on December 2011 it designs the first drawing is of the future "spazzolino del tifoso” (Fan Toothbrush) which at once it becames a trademark. In May, the partnership with SSC Napoli is signed and the “spazzolino del tifoso” became the official toothbrush of the Napoli Football Team and it’ll be on sale from July 2012.

The company strategy was to improve the range of products with a completely different item from those offered so far, but at the same time aimed at the 90% of existing clients and to the versatile range of products already treated.

In addition, the partnership with ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists), opens an important scenario, that of the sciences industries, allowing Kris to win new market shares.

And right now, reaching another goal, new horizons of growth and development are at door.