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Competence, passion and customer care: these are the guide lines that make Kris a solid company and allow continued development.

The competence is that they have brought the members of the company, that were once employees in Large-Scale Retail Trade companies. Basing on that skills they chose to start their own.

Passion is the element that feeds skills and power, making it the ideal instrument for achieving large projects. And in every steps the passion guides the Kris team year by year: each stage of the business process is handled by competent people that are at the same time motivated and enthusiastic.

The customer care is the philosophy that guides the Kris in each choice strategical and operational. The goal is to improve the services with no increasing costs. Through this Kris has the edge over others companies: the daily challenge to guarantee quality and at the same time grow up to increase customer satisfaction.

For Kris loyalty is not just a goal to reach, but it’s a rule for the company or better it’s lifeblood.

Hence Kris choice offering to customers an always wider availability of products and serving its own resources all over the european community.

Since 2010 has also started the Off Truck sells setting up a vehicle to meet the needs of several retailers.

Dynamism, teamwork and service make Kris a company oriented to customer, competitive and modern.